4034 - Zulu PFX - Straight Cord, Dual GA Plugs, Battery Power $ 1100.00
4039 - Zulu PFX: H - Straight Cord, Single U-174 Plug, Battery Pwr $ 1100.00
4035 - Zulu PFX: P - Straight Cord, Single LEMO Plug, Panel Pwr $ 1100.00

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"Zulu is amazing. I haven't found anything that's as quiet or nearly as comfortable. The audio quality is better than anything I've ever heard through any headset."

Kevin Eldredge—Race pilot

The following Zulu documents are available to download: 

 Zulu.2 User Guide

This guide describes how to set up and use your Zulu® ANR aviation headset for the best sound quality, Active Noise Reduction (ANR), safety, and comfort.

Active Noise Reduction Headsets