Zulu PFX ANR headset with Bluetooth
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Zulu PFX: Personal Flying Experience
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The world's quietest aviation headset is also the most intelligent.

The only headset with an IQ
  "...it's clear to me that the PFX is not only the best headset in the Lightspeed's lineup by a long shot, it's also arguably the best headset available, period."
  — Robert Goyer,
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•  Streaming Quiet™ ANR continuously adapts to your environment, extending the amount, consistency, and frequency range of noise cancellation.
•  Firmware enhancements are just a download away, giving Zulu PFX unlimited potential to evolve with new innovations.  
A headset finely tuned to you
•  Acoustic response mapping measures your unique auditory landscape, personalizing the audio response for maximum noise attenuation, voice clarity, and music fidelity.
•  Enhanced capabilities in our FlightLink app allow you to configure and save key audio and operational settings to a personal profile.  
Engineered for comfort
•  At 14 ounces, Zulu PFX is the lightest over-the-ear headset we have ever made and features plush ear seals that provide 20% more surface area and 30% more space for your ear inside the ear cup than its closest competitor, creating a better seal and more comfortable distribution of side pressure.
And that's just the start. Zulu PFX is packed with many other advanced features that provide an exceptional flying experience and are rapidly making it the choice of pilots around the world.  
Zulu PFX: CES Innovation Awards Honoree, 2015
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Ultimate quiet and clarity — The proprietary innovations and advanced features in Zulu PFX work in concert to deliver astounding clarity and the world's quietest headset.
Comfort — Based on the LightComfort™ design made famous by Zulu.2, Zulu PFX features a head-friendly 14 ounces, exceptional fit, and plush ear seals that provide 20% more surface area and 30% more space for your ear inside the ear cup than its closest competitor for a better seal and more comfortable distribution of side pressure.
Durability — Rugged cables, constructed of silver-coated copper alloy wrapped around a Kevlar core, deliver extraordinary flexibility, strength, and audio quality.
Full Bluetooth® Integration — Enjoy excellent call clarity, music fidelity, and wireless access to critical audio alerts from aviation apps on mobile devices.
Enhanced FlightLink capabilities — With Zulu PFX, FlightLink not only seamlessly captures cockpit communications for instant playback or later retrieval, it also allows users to set a variety of personal audio and operational preferences.
Music fidelity — The Front Row Center™ feature is enhanced by advanced digital processing, creating remarkable, concert-class fidelity and a simulated 360-degree music experience.
Auto Shutoff™ — In Zulu PFX, Lightspeed's proprietary Auto Shutoff feature is enhanced with increased sensitivity and user selected shut-off delay, saving even more battery life by automatically shutting down the headset power when not in use.
Cell phone / music connection — The integrated control box auxiliary input for connecting a cell phone, music player or other audio device now has controls for bass, treble, and intercom priority, thanks to the enhanced capabilities in FlightLink.
Stereo or mono — Match audio panel inputs with a quick switch to stereo or mono using the new, easy-to-access external switch.
Firmware upgradability — Firmware updates are just a download away, giving Zulu PFX unlimited potential to evolve with new software innovations.
Included — Custom molded carrying case, cellphone/music patch cord, USB cord, cord clip, steel CPU mounting clip, four AA batteries, foam windscreen.
Available configurations:
Dual GA battery power; straight upper cable
LEMO panel power; straight upper cable
U-174 battery power; straight upper cable
30-day money back guarantee — Lightspeed Aviation headsets are designed to be the best available anywhere, for any price. But we know that every cockpit and pilot is different. That's why we offer a 30-day money back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase for any reason, return the product for a full and prompt refund.
5-year warranty

Tech Specs

Headphone Impedance OFF—Mono: 200 ohms, ON—Mono: 280 ohms
OFF—Stereo: 400 ohms, ON—Stereo: 560 ohms
All @ 1kHz
Speaker Frequency Response (Active)
20Hz to 20kHz (volume sliders max)
Microphone Electret
Bias: 8-16V (Not polarity sensitive)
Bias Resistance: 220Ω-2200Ω
Dual Aperture Disc
Sensitivity Electret
16mV-132mV across 8-16V
Bias Re: 94dB SPL input at 6mm
Frequency Response
Maximum SPL for Microphone
Power Source
Battery: 3V, 4 AA batteries /
Aircraft Power: 8-40 VDC
14 oz. / 397 grams (including ear seals and mic boom)
Bluetooth Enabled Phone
Bluetooth Streaming Music
Flightlink Connection
Bluetooth or wired
Firmware upgradeability through the iOS and PC platforms

Pilot Stories

Having flown with the Zulu PFX for several weeks, I can say that it is the quietest headset I have used and certainly with the most advanced audio processing. With PFX, Lightspeed has moved active noise reduction up a notch...
   — Tom Haines, Editor in Chief, AOPA Pilot
Lightspeed has been on a technology march toward ever more comfortable and quiet headsets and the new Zulu PFX making its first Oshkosh appearance is remarkably good. The new Zulu matches the Bose in price, and many of us who have tried it believe nothing is quieter or more comfortable than the Zulu PFX. But that's a personal opinion.
   — J. Mac McClellan, Editor in Chief, EAA Sport Aviation
Far Exceeded My Expectations
Lightspeed's ANR creates an entirely new atmosphere in the cockpit of my 1946 Luscombe. When I preformed my first radio check with the local Unicom using the new headset, the FBO asked if I'd bought a new radio! Over 53 years flying, with 18,000+ hours and 14 transport type ratings, I have never flown with a better headset.
   — Gary Schaffer
The PFX kicks the crap out of everything else I have ever worn. The are _slightly_ better than the Zulu 2s which are still very good cans. It is amazing what a difference it makes to the Sonex environment. I can hear the engine, I can hear everything I need, but it just makes it a much nicer place to be. Transmit clarity is far improved. No idea what they did here, but the Halos make it sound like I am transmitting from a noisy place. Not so on the PFXs. Huge improvement.
   — user andrewp, sonexbuilders.net
Best headset on the market!
At first I was a little overwhelmed by the size of the ANR box but it's actually a great setup especially with the metal clip they provide. I find it more convenient and comfortable then my previous Zulu. With the clip attached, I can usually find something in the cockpit to mount it to. Max flight time without taking it off was 3.5hrs and I could've still went another 3.5+ hours with it on. The music quality is phenomenal! (Especially when combined with the flightlink).
ANR on this headset is the the best I've ever heard/experienced. It has 2 modes to select from. The first level is your typical first and second gen Zulu's level of ANR then when you switch it to the second level it's almost doubling the amount of ANR (this is where this headset really shines). I've tested it out in a Cub, Acrosport with a canopy, Twin Comanche, TBM700, and a CRJ700 within the past week. In loud open cockpits (cub), you have to keep the headset in the 1st level of ANR but even with that it's just like having a previous version Zulu so no big deal there. Flying in the Twin Comanche with headset in the second stage of ANR, there were moments when I wondered if the engines were running, it's that quiet. The TBM was even quieter and the RJ was very very very very silent. The RJ has avionics fans that are pretty loud and this headset knocks that sound out. When I have the music going and the headset on level 2 in a turbine aircraft I can't hear anything outside of the headset (even other people in the cockpit not on the intercom). So with all of this said, this is without a doubt worth every penny of $1100!
   — reviewer BCM25, mypilotstore.com
  I tried this at Oshkosh and the new PFX blew me away. I have hearing loss, and have progressed from a Bose X to a Zulu to a Zulu 2 ... each one better than the last for hearing clarity. At OSH they had the new Bose A20 next to the Zulu PFX. Simply no comparison. The PFX sound quality and clarity was markedly better than the Bose and a definite improvement on even the Zulu 2. Some may not need this, but for me it is indispensable.  
   — reviewer Scott Sedam, aircraftspruce.com
  I fly a 1969 C-182 O-470, great plane, deep throated and loud. I also wear sunglasses on just about every flight. Just about any headset is vulnerable to allowing noise leaks when wearing sunglasses. The Zulu PFX limits the noise leaks actively. Thats the only explanation I have for the quietness that I experienced when using them for the first time. The Zulu 2's are good but in my opinion the PFX is a true class of its own. I still have the Zulu 2 and it's for passengers but the PFX is a great step up and to me worth the money as its a totally different experience from all the other big names in ANR including Lightspeed.  
   — reviewer Trae, aircraftspruce.com