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Lightspeed Product Reviews and Testimonials

Video: Why we love what we do
  Lightspeed fielded a video crew at AirVenture to put a face to some of the comments we receive in emails, surveys, and on social media. We've assembled these interviews into a two-minute video that, above all else, tells us that listening to our customers and delivering the best in performance, value, and support is a great way to do business.

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Zulu Reviews


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Sierra Reviews


PFX Reviews


 Zulu Reviews & Testimonials


"I love the new Zulu 3 — the most comfortable headset out there."


John Goodland


"Zulu is amazing. I haven't found anything that's as quiet or nearly as comfortable. The audio quality is better than anything I've ever heard through any headset."

  —  Kevin Eldredge, race pilot

"The Zulu 3 is astonishingly comfortable... The rugged Kevlar cable is strong enough to lasso a steer."

  —  Dave Hirschman, Editor At Large, AOPA Pilot

"I LOVE my new Lightspeed headset!┬áThe fit is great, they are lightweight and comfortable on long trips (I recently flew two 4-hour legs and they were as comfortable when I finished as when I started) and I love the flexible cord — not stiff like the competition!"


John Holman


"I have only used my new Lightspeed Zulu 3 twice since I bought it but I LOVE IT! I own one and a half airplanes, half of a 1979 Beechcraft Sundowner C-23, and a 1946 Cessna 140. I am very familiar with the Zulu line as I am a flight engineer on P-3 aircraft for U.S. Customs and Border Protection, and we use the Zulu headsets while flying professionally. I love being able to use the Bluetooth for music and usually wear the Zulus for the entire flight, which can be of nine to ten hours duration. I will always tout the fine qualities of Lightspeed Aviation to any that will listen! Thanks for all you!"


Edwin Flow


"More comfortable and better sounding than the Bose A20 — which it replaced! Thanks for the great service and amazing products."


Frank Leone


"Great headset, very comfortable and the ANR rocks!"


J. Lee


"I love my Zulu 3s (I bought two). I had no idea of the amazing difference I would experience."


Darrin Gillespie, Student Pilot


"I thought my Zulu 2 was unbeatable until I tried the Zulu 3. The cord is light-weight and manageable. The 7-year warranty reinforces my great faith in the Lightspeed brand."


Rob Cox

"The Zulu is the company's best headset ever... Lightspeed has knocked the competition out of the park."
  —  Ian J. Twombly, AOPA Pilot Associate Editor
  "I have flown with my Zulu 3 for about 10 hours and I love it. It feels as if I have nothing on my head and the sound quality is very good."
  —  Herbert Rosenthal, commercial pilot, CFI-IA ASEL
  "Zulu is amazing. I haven't found anything that's as quiet or nearly as comfortable. The audio quality is better than anything I've ever heard through any headset."
  —  Kevin Eldredge, race pilot
  "The set [Zulu 3] takes on a new level of quality and durability..."
  —  Larry Anglisano, Editor in Chief, Aviation Consumer magazine

"I was stuck between Bose A20, Sennheiser S1, and Zulu. The Zulu.2 beats them all in my opinion. The Bose just fits on your ears and squeezes, while the Zulu actually covers them, and provides AMAZING noise-canceling — best I have heard... I wore the Bose and Zulu for many hours before I purchased, along with many other headsets. I wouldn't even consider another headset — I'm attached now!"
  —  Caleb, Atlanta, GA
    "The comfort alone of the Zulu made all the difference and the noise reduction and sound quality were unmatched."
  —  Matt Sunseri, Pilot, Owner, Skyline Aviation
  "The Zulu is the most comfortable, quiet, durable headset I have ever worn. The Zulu even outdoes the Bose in noise cancellation as well as comfort. One of the best characteristics, at least for a helicopter pilot, is that it is durable. With the Bose headsets we were using, you would look at it wrong and it would stop working, while the Zulu will withstand normal wear and tear that you experience as an operator. Another great feature for us is the Bluetooth phone capability. This feature has allowed us to keep our dispatch informed of where we are and where we are going, without risking the safety of the flight. And for those long solo x-countries, the adapter for the iPod and Front Row Center make the flight much more enjoyable. I will never go back to the Bose headset."
  —  Tyler Sturdevant, Director of Operations, Precision Helicopters
"Banner flying aircraft are loud. The engine has straight stacks, no cowling, no windows and no door. I average 4 to 8 hours a day, 7 days a week for 4 months during the Ocean City, Maryland season. Hearing protection is paramount. The Lightspeed Zulu does the trick."
  —  Justin von Linsowe, Banner airplane pilot
  "I used the Bose headsets for years..... the Zulu is every bit as good in ANR with a better feel when wearing. Best deal for the dollar at this time."
  —  David W. Moore

"Our recent purchase of Zulu headsets have been a wonderful experience in canceling out noise while allowing extreme comfort."
  —  Tina Wilson-Cohen
  "Excellent headset. I fly in noisy single piston aircraft (Diamond DA40) & the active noise attenuation was amazing. Matched that of the Bose A20's but simply fit me better (also fit better than the new Sennheiser S1). All great headsets, but the Zulus fit better. The Bluetooth works seamlessly & the FlightLink app for the iPad & iPhone is really cool for writing ATC clearances & verifying communications from ATC."
  —  Doc Mike P
Learn more about the Zulu 3 ANR headset with Bluetooth >    



 Tango Reviews & Testimonials

  "Very good! Even outside of the helicopter while it's running. Bluetooth music blew me away!"

David L., ATP, AMEL, rotorcraft CFII, MEI

  "Great audio quality and awesome noise cancelling."
  —  Ingo Nehls, Konect Aviation, Commercial, instrument, CFI, CFII, rotorcraft pilot
  "The Bluetooth music was excellent. Nice bass and a full range. Comparable to my Sony Studio headphones. Hearing other aircraft was crystal clear."
  —  George F., PPL, FFI, FAST, Reno Race pilot
"Excellent, best of any headset I've used. It's amazing!"
  —  Mike K., Commercial, SES, CFII
"Outstanding noise cancellation and the comms were excellent — clear and crisp."
  —  Mark C.
  "I remember thinking as I was climbing out that my first impression was that you guys had nailed it in terms of its performance. The wireless link was perfect, indistinguishable from my Zulu.2. Comfort was great, especially the freedom from cables — however, it took me a while to notice that they weren't there!"
  —  Pat H., ATP, MEL
Learn more about the Tango wireless ANR headset with Bluetooth >    



 Sierra Reviews & Testimonials

  "The Lightspeed Sierra was the hands-down favorite of every tester in our group. The Sierra weighs in at 16 ounces and has a high-quality and rugged feel, in our view. It also earned cheers for comfort, much in part for its oblong headband design that limits clamping pressure."
  —  Larry Anglisano, Editor in Chief, Aviation Consumer magazine
  "...on my first take off I heard noises I had never noticed before, freaked me out but none of them turned out to be anything. I have not plugged in phone or music but I have no doubt that will work as advertised. Highly recommend this headset."
  —  johnreyre, Seattle, WA
  "Overall the Sierra headset was a great choice for me. I was looking for a headset with ANR capability that did not cost a ton and this headset delivered in all ways. As a student pilot I had been using standard cheap headsets and now that I have the Sierra I have no idea why it took me so long to make the change. Its like riding in a Ferrari as opposed to a VW!"
  —  Student pilot
"This headset offers a lot of bang for the buck — great comfort and noise canceling for under $700."
  —  Bret Koebbe, Senior Flight Instructor
  "Great value for price. I was very pleased to find the ear muffs sealed over glasses without any adjustment. Much better than a pair I borrowed from the flight school."
  —  JL, Apopka, FL
"Great value for the money. I used some of the cheaper headsets, and as a student pilot, the last thing I want to worry about is hearing what tower is saying. This headset is crystal clear."
  —  Student pilot
  "My Lightspeed Sierras are great. I can hear my instructor and ATC so much more clearly and I'm not distracted by a headset smashing my ears. I wish I would've bought these in the beginning. Thank you Lightspeed."
  —  Michael Ford, private pilot
Learn more about the Sierra ANR headset with Bluetooth >    



  PFX Reviews & Testimonials

  "Having flown with the PFX for several weeks, I can say that it is the quietest headset I have used and certainly the most advanced signal processing."
  —  Thomas Haines, Editor in Chief, AOPA Pilot
  "Lightspeed has given us something else we didn't know we wanted, and more value for our money."
  —  Steve Hitchen, Australian Flying
Read full article here [PDF]
"All in, this [PFX] really amounts to quite a tour de force in audio technology!"
  —  Philip Whiteman, Editor, Pilot magazine
  "It's safe to say that Lightspeed has set a high bar and can be considered state of the art today."
  —  Marc C. Lee, Plane & Pilot Magazine
Read full article here
  "I have never flown with a quieter headset than the PFX."
  —  J. Mac McClellan, Editor in Chief,
EAA Sport Aviation
"OK, I'll say it. The PFX is probably the best ANR headset ever made."
  —  Ed Hicks, Editor, Flyer (UK)
Read full article here [PDF]
  "Lightspeed has brought the quietest ANR headset to the market."
  —  Thomas Borchart, Flieger Magazine
Read full article here [PDF]
  "Lightspeed Aviation has once again upped the ante for the top-of-the-line noise attenuating headset for aircraft."
  —  Amy Laboda, Aviation for Women
"Performed flawlessly in a 20-hour flight. I can't believe the quality of Bluetooth calls."
  —  Mike Lunenschloss, Beaver pilot,
25 years experience
  "'s clear to me that the PFX is not only the best headset in the Lightspeed's lineup by a long shot, it's also arguably the best headset available, period."
  —  Robert Goyer, Flying Magazine
Read full article here [PDF]
  "WOW!!!! What a difference!! The ANR is, hands-down, the best I've ever heard. ATC transmissions are so much more clear than before. It's as if the controller is sitting across the desk from you in a quiet office."
  —  Randy B.
  "The PFX excels at radio quality and volume..."
  —  Douglass P. Fields, Jr., Aviation Consumer
"The music quality is awesome and the cell phone connection is also quite good. The person on the other end of a cell call didn't even know I was flying in an airplane."
  —  Mark C.

  "The headset is superbly comfortable, and all I can say is that if clear, concise communication is what you are looking for in an ANR headset which is comfortable with upgradable software for future enhancements, this is the headset for you."
  —  Earl
Learn more about the PFX ANR headset with Bluetooth >    



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