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Product Education

For troubleshooting or to learn more about your headset, FlightLink, or ANR technology, choose a topic below:

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Customer Care

We are privileged to have the opportunity to serve our customers. If you need support or have a question regarding your Lightspeed product, please login and create a service request, or contact us and speak with our service team. If you purchased your headset from us directly or received service previously, you already have an account. Logging into your account provides you with the benefit of tracking your service request, viewing your order status and registering new products with Lightspeed.

We are happy to provide service on your headset within the warranty period. Lightspeed service includes repair of your headset, and shipping costs to return the headset to you. The service does not include inbound shipping to us or the soft goods of the headset. The soft goods (ear seals and head pad) are wear-and-tear items and can easily be replaced in the field. To purchase these, please visit the accessories page.

To receive service on your headset, you can create a Service Request or call 800-332-2421 and ask for our service team. We will respond with our shipping address and a Return Authorization Number upon verification of your request (excludes K-Series and some XL model headsets). On most occasions, we will need your headset for three business days to perform the necessary repairs and will return it to you thereafter. Please ship your headset to the address below marked with your Return Authorization Number to ensure proper receipt of your headset:

Lightspeed Aviation
6135 Jean Road
Lake Oswego, Oregon 97035

Toll Free: 800-332-2421
Phone: 503-968-3113





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