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Mach 1


For reference only. This product has been discontinued. To see our current line of award-winning ANR headsets, click here.


Discontinued 2011 - Mach 1 simplifies the concept of an aviation headset. With In-the-Ear (ITE) technologies, advanced earplug attenuation, and comfort, Mach 1 frees your passion for flying.

Ultra small speakers, noise cancelling microphone, and stable face-contouring fit provide the high performance you have come to count on from Lightspeed products.

It's time to go Mach 1.





Comfort and Durable

Weighing in at less than an ounce, you'll forget you have the headset on. Don't let the light weight fool you, as the Mach 1 is made from a strong magnesium alloy with unmatched durability.

Cell/Music Connection

An integrated control box input allows you to patch in a cell phone, music player, or iPod for a range of communication options.

Auto MusicMute

Receiving radio communications is a snap with MusicMute, which automatically decreases a music player by 80 percent, lessening the chance of missing important interactions.


Custom molded earplugs will enhance attenuation, comfort and clarity. Call Lightspeed or click here for more information.


Leather carrying case, cell/music patch cords, and foam wind screen.



The Best of the Best 2007

Best Lightweight Headset: Lightspeed Mach 1

These are, to be sure, an acquired taste, since they don't have ANR capability and you have to tolerate having stuff stuck in your ear. Nonetheless, lightweight models enjoy a following and our trials revealed that Lightspeed's $499 (now $425) Mach 1 is the top performer. It's comfortable, has good audio quality and is exceptionally well made. 



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