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Custom Ear Molds

Lightspeed Aviation, and our partner Sensaphonics Hearing Conservation, partner to offer a headset with a fit unique to your ear canals. Sensaphonics is the only custom earphones manufacturer founded and run by a practicing audiologist.

Sensaphonics sound-isolating custom ear plugs are uncompromising, cutting-edge products for definitively high-end use. Working from impressions taken by an audiologist, in-house artisans create precision earphones that ensure perfect fit, maximum comfort and full isolation. Ear molds are custom molded using soft gel silicone and are the only ones on the market using this material. That means a better seal and a more comfortable fit. Sensaphonics products are the only ones approved and used by NASA in outer space, and are favored by musicians for their exceptional sound quality, comfort, and isolation.

The point of all this is to provide hearing protection for pilots. By isolating the ear from unwanted sound, custom ear molds allow our pilots to hear only what they want or need to hear with exceptional sound quality. This creates several major benefits, most notably the ability to listen at reduced volume, which increases safe exposure time while improving concentration and focus. That translates to better performance and longer careers.

Custom Ear Mold vs. Foam Ear Plug Attenuation

This graph compares the attenuation of the Mach1 headset using Sensaphonics custom molded ear tips and foam ear tips. As you can see, high quality custom ear molds fitted by an audiologist attenuate more noise over the entire noise spectrum, thus providing better hearing protection, better intelligibility, and overall better sound quality and comfort than foam tips.

Custom Ear Mold Procedure

To order your custom ear molds please follow these instructions:

  1. Call us at 800-332-2421 and place your order for Custom Ear Molds.
  2. Make an appointment with your local audiologist to have impressions made.* (Audiologists charge a nominal fee for their services.)
  3. The audiologist will then send the impressions to a lab for the mold fabrication.
  4. Ear molds are shipped back to the audiologist.
  5. Follow up with your audiologist to pick up your custom ear molds.

* NOTE: The audiologist fee for making your ear impressions is not included in the cost of your headset.



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