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Premium Headsets for Professional Aviation

A headset is the instrument that protects us from long-term hearing loss and keeps us connected to our crew and the air traffic control system. Surprisingly, we find that pilots often learn to live with a headset that doesn't meet expectations. Some are frustrated with their current level of comfort and consistently endure headaches and ear pain to the point of distraction and reduced safety. Others are sick and tired of breakdowns and have completely traded performance away for durability. Still others are swayed by brand image and the assumption that the highest price equates to the best product.

Our headsets are tools used worldwide by pilots and flight crew members flying everything from military transports, helicopters, business aircraft. Though the missions are as diverse as the aircraft being operated, we all became pilots out of a passion for flight. Don't allow a headset lacking in comfort or durability to steal that passion.

Programs for Professionals

We know your time is valuable and as a professional pilot you have specialized aviation headset requirements. Just click the link below that best reflects your mission and complete the online form. We will get back with you right away to discuss how we might be able to assist.

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