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Just when you thought Tango® couldn't be more perfect...

Owners of our new Tango wireless headset may think Lightspeed has created the perfect product, but our engineers have found a couple of ways to make it even better:


LEMO panel interface charging

LEMO versions of panel interface are now able to charge a spare Tango battery in the battery compartment. For those flying LEMO-wired aircraft, this means a spare headset battery always at the ready and the new feature has the potential to eliminate the need to plug the headset into a charger.


Easy Access Charging Port

A redesigned headset battery door now has an opening for the micro USB charging jack, allowing charging without opening the battery door. A durable and attractive rubber cover protects the jack.



These enhancements are already shipping on new Tango headsets, but current owners of Tango wireless can also benefit through our retrofit options:

•  LEMO panel interface units can be retrofitted with the new charging feature for $40, which includes a free (second) Tango lithium ion battery and free return shipping.
•  Tango headsets can be retrofitted with the new easy access port for $30 — which includes free return shipping — through September 30, 2016. After that, the fee for the retrofit will be $45.

Pricing is for customers within the U.S. Customers outside of the U.S. should contact Lightspeed for retrofit pricing.


To schedule a retrofit, call the Lightspeed Customer Support Team at 800.332.2421.




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