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Our way of doing business

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Entrepreneurial and customer-obsessed, Lightspeed has become a leader in the realm of wearable technology for pilots by operating with a simple strategy: know your customer well and remain committed to relentless product evolution that expands performance to the edge of technological possibilities. This approach allowed Lightspeed to enter the aviation headset market already the innovation leader and allows us to set the standard for what is possible in the categories in which we compete. It's also a big part of why Lightspeed enjoys tremendous brand loyalty and is a company respected around the globe for its expertise and integrity.


Our history

Over our first decade, Lightspeed set the standard for creating new standards — in functionality, clarity, comfort, and quieting. Our K series headset helped launch our business in 1996; the XL series introduced Auto Shutoff™ in 2000; the 3Gs brought wired music and cell phone, along with intercom priority muting and a treble / bass EQ setting, in 2003. From there, Lightspeed accelerated its quest to better understand pilots and their passions. A critical mass of top engineering talent were assembled to create the first Zulu in 2007, a breakthrough in ergonomics, quieting, audio performance, and advanced features like full Bluetooth® integration.

The next 10 years brought great leaps in innovation, with Lightspeed engineers creating five additional models that built on this accumulated excellence in head-worn communications devices. Sierra set the highest bar in the budget ANR segment; Zulu.2 extended the legacy of design and industry-leading utility in the premium segment; PFX delivered a breakthrough in digital cancellation and numerous headset personalization features; wireless Tango was the first aviation headset without cables; and most recently, Zulu 3 earned the honor of being the most durable, most comfortable headset Lightspeed has ever made. Together, Lightspeed headsets, past and present, represent a legacy of innovation and an unparalleled commitment to supporting our customers' passions.


Our future

As Lightspeed evolves to take advantage of the many opportunities the future holds, we will continue to provide intelligent, high design products to people who are passionate about their pursuits. We will invest ourselves in a deep understanding of our customers and their passions to create product innovations that will astonish them.

We will also continue to exercise the blend of prudent business practices and entrepreneurial speed, agility and boldness that has been key to our long running success. We'll continue to improve our products and service and seek out those individuals who are not only the most gifted in their fields, but who also who exemplify the passion and integrity so vital to our way of doing business.


Our social impact

Lightspeed is constantly seeking ways to partner with our customers to help advance the future of their passions in the markets we serve. The Lightspeed Aviation Foundation is an example of this philosophy. Through its Pilot's Choice Awards, the Lightspeed Aviation Foundation annually recognizes a select group of deserving aviation nonprofit organizations that are actively promoting growth in aviation or using aviation to aid in humanitarian causes. Dozens of organizations have been equipped and inspired to extend their impact across our country and the world. Beyond cash contributions, well over 1,000 ANR headsets have been donated to Missionary aviation pilots worldwide.

Lightspeed also helps fund many non-profit organizations through memberships and corporate service involvement. We also encourage shared values with employees by generously participating in corporate charity matching programs.

Lightspeed strives to be a highly responsive and caring organization. To us, exercising high ethical standards and creating a culture where both customers and employees feel valued, vested, and heard is not a strategy, it's the Lightspeed Way.



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