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Compared to our competitors, Zulu 3 delivers more of the features pilots find important.


We hope the information below will help you compare Zulu 3 product features and professional pilot feedback against other leading brands in the areas of comfort, durability, audio quality, and overall value.





Lightspeed Zulu 3

Bose A20

David Clark One-X


The exclusive Lightspeed ear seal system delivers more comfort.


Ear seal shape

Contoured, tapering out at the bottom to fit the curve of the jaw for more comfort and stability

Flat surface

Flat surface

Below ear seal cup volume

27cm360% greater than Bose A20 and 125% greater than the David Clark One-X — for increased comfort



Ear seal surface area

60cm220% greater than the Bose A20 and 35% greater the David Clark One-X — for a better seal and more comfortable distribution of side pressure



Ear seal wall width at temple

30mm — 35%  wider than the A20 and 65% wider than the One-X — for increased comfort and better seal while wearing eyeglasses




Zulu 3's unique design features and exclusive materials result in greater durability.


Cable construction

Kevlar reinforced system that is stronger and more flexible than standard cables while weighing less

Standard over-molded PVC

Standard over-molded PVC

Headset design and construction

Nearly 100% magnesium and stainless steel construction; integrated wiring keeps wires hidden and protected

Plastic and magnesium; exposed spring and wires

Plastic and magnesium; exposed wiring


7 years — 2 years more than any other premium headset

5 years

5 years


Exclusive audio features deliver exceptional voice clarity and music fidelity.


User adjustable mic gain

Yes, user-adjustable mic gain helps balance loud and soft voices in a multi-headset environment




Dual Aperture Disc™ electret microphone provides greater noise cancellation for clearer, more intelligible communications



Music muting functionality

Soft mute recovery for wired AUX or Bluetooth, for a more pleasing transition

Abrupt mute recovery, wired AUX and Bluetooth

Abrupt mute recovery, Bluetooth (wired AUX not available)

FlightLink compatibility

Lightspeed's free, proprietary in-cockpit recording app



Front Row Center™ audio enhancement

Yes, for a high-fidelity, concert-like audio experience




Priced less than either the A20 or One-X, Zulu 3 is an exceptional value.








For more than a decade, Professional Pilot magazine has conducted a headset preference survey that takes the pulse of a community of aviators that places especially rigorous and exacting demands on headsets. Lightspeed Aviation ranked #1 in their most recent survey against other major brands while demonstrating a clear advantage in comfort and overall delivered value. A number of those pilots flew the two leading brands and Lightspeed Zulu was preferred 3 to 1 by pilots who flew with both.


Learn more about the survey and Zulu 3 by calling 800.332.2421.



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