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Lightspeed Aviation and CloudAhoy present the Fly Me to the Moon Contest

The pilot who flew the most miles during private flights between May 23 and June 26, 2016 — as tracked through the CloudAhoy app — wins a new Lightspeed headset of their choice. First runner up won a beautiful Gann leather flight bag, and second runner up won a classic Markham leather flight bag, both from Lightspeed's exclusive Adventure Flight Bag Collection.


Congratulations to our winners!


Grand Prize Winner:
Alan Marcum
, Palo Alto, California

Alan began flying in the early 1980s, but his fascination with flying started in childhood, when he first saw the Syracuse National Guard break Mach 1 over his house. In addition to flying his Mooney 252 across the US multiple times, Alan has flown a De Havilland Tiger Moth, J-3 Cubs, a Taylorcraft L-2, Stearmans, a Waco YMF, various Cessnas from 150 to P-210, Pipers from Cherokee to Malibu, different Bonanza models, a Tiger, Citabrias, and a few different models of Mooneys. His primary flight instructor impressed upon him early on the value of a good headset and he currently owns a Zulu.2.

Thanks to motivation provided by the Fly Me to the Moon contest, Alan visited a beautiful airport on the coast of central Oregon, stopped in at his favorite dessert shop in San Diego, and took his cousin for some flightseeing over California's Sierra Nevada Mountains.

As the Grand Prize winner, Allan wins the Lightspeed premium ANR headset of his choice.


First Runner Up:
Isaac Lamb
, Winston-Salem, NC

Isaac started flying in 2004, earned his PPL in 2005, and two years later was flying Blackhawks in the US Army. After completing his military commitment, he set his sights on a career as an airline pilot. He has been working hard over the last two months to build the remaining hours required for the ATP certificate, but according to Isaac, the Fly Me to the Moon Contest — combined with a desire to introduce flying to each member of his very large family to flying — really pushed him to log as many miles (and hours) as possible. By the end of the contest, he had earned the required hours and flown with nearly every member of his family.

Isaac wins a beautiful Gann leather flight bag from the Lightspeed Adventure Flight Bag Collection.


Second Runner Up:
John Elling
, Santa Fe, NM

John started flying hang gliders in high school. As he got older, he migrated to noisier forms of flying, which, he notes, happily coincided with the development of ANR headphones. According to John, his wife pretends to understand why he spends so much on avgas to fish for a few pounds of salmon in Alaska.

John wins a beautiful Markham leather flight bag from the Lightspeed Adventure Flight Bag Collection.


Lightspeed Aviation and CloudAhoy would like to thank all of the 158 pilots who participated in the Fly Me to the Moon. Together, you logged 819 flights and 131,000 miles, which is more than halfway to the moon!




New to CloudAhoy? CloudAhoy is a powerful online flight tracking and debriefing service that collects GPS data from your entire flight, integrates it with information from a comprehensive suite of aviation resources, analyzes the flight using rule-based knowledge engine, and displays the results in detail-rich, 3D, 2D, static, and animated screens.

For questions regarding CloudAhoy or your CloudAhoy account, please email or call (781) 269-1138.




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