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      Break free of gravity, red tape, and cables -- all at the same time!    
    Lightspeed Aviation has teamed up with OpenAirplane to give you a chance to experience greater freedom of flight.
From February 19 through March 27, 2016, OpenAirplane — an online aircraft rental booking service that allows pilots to skip local checkouts — will track both their members' flight hours and the number of airports they fly out of*. The score resulting by multiplying these two factors will determine the winner:
    Tango wireless ANR headset   Gann leather flight bag by Lightspeed    
    Highest score wins a Lightspeed Tango™ wireless headset.
Tango is the first premium wireless aviation headset, blending outstanding noise cancelation, renowned Lightspeed comfort, and wireless convenience.
  Second highest score wins a beautiful Lightspeed Gann leather flight bag.
Spacious but cabin-friendly, this leather carpenter-style bag is a great companion to the pilot who has everything — and likes to take it along.
    Fly more hours or more airports and you are a contender. Do both and you may make your way to the top of the leader board and win a Tango wireless headset!    
Win by helping others
Lightspeed and OpenAirplane believe that the highest calling for a pilot is helping those in need, so a second Gann leather flight bag will also be awarded for the most service-oriented use of OpenAirplane, as determined by a panel of judges from the Lightspeed Aviation Foundation and OpenAirplane.
To enter, submit your OpenAirplane booking number for the flight and a short description of how you helped others (photos not required, but greatly appreciated). Be sure to include your full name. Submit to
Not an OpenAirplane member? Click here to join.
OpenAirplane makes renting an airplane as easy as renting a car.
  Civil Air Patrol
    *To keep things fair for those who don't have two places to fly out of at the same airport, we will be counting airports, not operators.    



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