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March 31, 2017

Lightspeed Aviation Announces Wireless Tango® Bonus Pack Promotion

Portland, Oregon (March 31, 2017) — Lightspeed Aviation, a leading manufacturer of aviation headsets and complementary pilot supplies has announced the start of their Wireless Tango Bonus Pack Promotion. Anyone purchasing a new wireless Tango headset from an authorized dealer will receive a Tango Bonus Pack, which consists of 2 extra Tango rechargeable lithium ion batteries and an accessory wall charger. The two extra batteries give pilots double the flying range without the need to recharge batteries. The accessory wall charger means they no longer need their headset and panel interface to charge their batteries, allowing them to leave them in their airplane or hangar. The Bonus Pack has a retail value of $105. The promotion runs March 31 through May 8, 2017 and is available at any authorized Lightspeed dealer.


Launched in November of 2015, Tango is the first premium aviation headset to dispense with the cable that typically connects the headset to the panel. Instead, it uses a combination of digital and analog wireless signals to carry communications. With no cable required, pilots have unprecedented freedom of movement. According to Lightspeed, pilots are also finding the 20-foot range of the wireless signal perfect for specialized applications, including tours, helicopter, and seaplane operations.


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About Lightspeed Aviation

Lightspeed Aviation is a leading manufacturer of premium aviation headsets. The company has established a reputation for outstanding performance, value, and support and is a leader in innovation in aviation headsets with a number of first-to-market advances, including Bluetooth® integration, Auto Shutoff™, Streaming Quiet™ ANR and the world's first premium wireless aviation headset. This has earned Lightspeed a loyal customer following among professional, commercial, and private pilots.


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Wireless Tango headset   charger and batteries

Lightspeed's wireless Tango is the first premium headset without the upper cable.


According to Lightspeed Aviation, the two Tango lithium ion batteries and charger included in the Bonus Pack give pilots double the flight time and more convenient charging.

Contact for Lightspeed Aviation:
Ed Hansen
Director of Marketing
Lightspeed Aviation
Direct: 971.925.5515



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