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  July 18, 2012
On site at EAA AirVenture in Exhibit #259, adjacent to Exhibit Hangar B

Lightspeed Aviation Launches FlightLink App for Zulu.2

First in-flight cockpit recording app for Apple devices

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Pilots can now turn their iPads or iPhones into cockpit voice recorders. FlightLink is a free, downloadable app developed by Lightspeed Aviation to work with newer Zulu.2 headsets. All communications through the intercom are recorded and available for instant playback and permanent archiving. Multiple recordings may be stored either in Apple devices or in an iTunes account.

FlightLink allows for up to two minutes of instant playback of ATC transmissions, ensuring receipt of vital information. The entire flight can be recorded and saved for future use. With FlightLink, pilots can easily toggle from other apps to access recordings and notes.

"Lightspeed has built its reputation on developing leading edge technologies that enhance the flight experience for pilots worldwide, and FlightLink is the latest in a long line of these breakthroughs," said Teresa De Mers, Corporate Vice President, Sales and Marketing. "FlightLink is a valuable tool in many situations. It can be used to instantly recall a clearance or capture a complete flight for post-flight debrief and training. Flight Instructors and pilots at all levels of training will find it useful."

FlightLink incorporates a scratchpad for the iPad so that pilots can make notes and diagrams with their fingertips.

"Evolving technology is supporting an unprecedented revolution in the way pilots connect their devices and access information both on the ground and in the air," said Allan Schrader, founder and President of Lightspeed Aviation. "FlightLink is our next step toward integrating the headset into this new connected experience while adding real value for pilots."

FlightLink is available now for newer Zulu.2 headsets which are already enabled to work with the app. Older Zulu.2 headsets can be factory retrofitted for a nominal fee of $69.

Lightspeed Aviation is a leading manufacturer of premium aviation headsets. Since the first product was introduced at EAA AirVenture in 1996, the company has established a reputation for leading innovation in the aviation headset marketplace with a number of "first to market" advances, technologies, and features. This has earned Lightspeed an outstanding reputation and loyal customer following.

Additionally the company creates shared values with both employees and customers by generously participating in corporate charity matching programs and through its funding of the Lightspeed Aviation Foundation, which supports growth, awareness, and compassion related causes with an aviation focus.


Teresa De Mers
Corporate Vice President Sales and Marketing
Lightspeed Aviation
Phone: 971.925.5523


More about FlightLink

"FlightLink is our next step toward integrating the headset into this new connected experience while adding real value for pilots."
Allan Schrader, founder and President of Lightspeed Aviation

Download the FlightLink fact sheet

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