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Zulu 3 ANR headset with Bluetooth
30-day money back guarantee
7-year warranty

New! Zulu 3

Meet Zulu 3, the most comfortable, most durable headset Lightspeed has ever made.

  Lightspeed Aviation ranked #1 in the latest Headset Preference Survey by Professional Pilot magazine

Zulu 3 builds on the performance and features that have made the legendary Zulu line the choice of private and professional pilots worldwide, but adds a number of enhancements to deliver even more comfort and durability:

  • New Performance ear seals are designed to hug the curve of the jaw, creating a more natural fit that increases comfort and stability.
  • New cables built around a Kevlar core are stronger and more flexible than standard cables, while weighing less. These are the same cables that have been proven on PFX and wireless Tango®.
  • Zulu 3 is backed by an industry-best 7-year warranty, two years more protection than offered on other premium headsets.
  • An optional free taller head pad ensures maximum comfort and performance on smaller head shapes.
Free shipping now through May 31, 2017. Click to learn more.
4064 - Zulu 3 - Straight Cord, Dual GA Plugs, Battery Power
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4064 Zulu 3 - Straight Cord, Dual GA Plugs, Battery Power $ 850.00
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4069 - Zulu 3 Straight Cord, Single U174 Plug, Battery Power
$ 850.00
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4069 Zulu 3 Straight Cord, Single U174 Plug, Battery Power $ 850.00
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4065 - Zulu 3:P -Straight Cord, Single LEMO Plug, Panel Power
$ 850.00
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4065 Zulu 3:P -Straight Cord, Single LEMO Plug, Panel Power $ 850.00
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Like the Zulus that came before it, Zulu 3 is packed with advanced features:

Engineered for ears — Zulu 3's tapered ear seals create a more natural fit while providing 20% more surface area than its leading competitor, for a better seal around glasses frames and a more comfortable distribution of side pressure. Larger cup cavities provides 50% more space for your ears, allowing the entire ear to fit comfortably inside, preventing the pain caused by seals pressing against the edge of the ear.

Fits craniums and cockpits — Weighing in at just 14.6 ounces (including ear seals and mic boom), Zulu 3 has a low-profile stainless steel headband that follows the curve of the head for more comfortable distribution of weight and side pressure.

Built for the long haul — Made almost entirely of stainless steel and magnesium — with rugged cables built around a Kevlar core — Zulu 3 is built to endure the harshest flying environments and last for years to come.

Enjoy quiet time with advanced noise cancellation — Zulu 3 delivers superior active noise reduction (ANR) consistency and performance over a deep, broad range of low frequency noise. The magnesium ear cups are superior at blocking out high frequency noise.

Experience crystal clear comms and concertos — The Dual Aperture Disc™ microphone provides greater noise cancellation for clearer, more intelligible communications. Exclusive, user-adjustable mic gain helps balance loud and soft voices in a multi-headset environment. Front Row Center™ (FRC) and stereo cross-feed technology deliver crisp, rich audio and unparalleled music fidelity.

Record communications with FlightLink — Capture and retrieve incoming and outgoing communications with Lightspeed's free FlightLink recording app for the Apple® iPad® and iPhone® via the supplied patch cable. Only available on Lightspeed headsets.

Connect via Bluetooth® or cable — Enjoy excellent call clarity, music fidelity, and wireless access to critical audio alerts from aviation apps on mobile devices. An integrated control box auxiliary input offers an additional option for connecting a cell phone, music player or other audio device directly to the headset.

Save batteries with Auto Shutoff™— Lightspeed's proprietary Auto Shutoff feature saves battery life by automatically shutting down the headset power when not in use.

Music takes a backseat to ATC with ComPriority™ — Never miss important radio communications with patented ComPriority, which lowers the volume of any auxiliary device automatically during radio or intercom transmissions. The soft mute feature brings back music in a natural way for easy listening.

30-day money back guarantee — Lightspeed Aviation headsets are designed to be the best available anywhere, for any price. But we know that every cockpit and pilot is different. That's why we offer a 30-day money back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase for any reason, return the product for a full and prompt refund.

7-year limited warranty BEST in the aviation industry.

Available configurations:

  • Dual GA battery power; straight upper cable
  • LEMO panel power; straight upper cable
  • U-174 battery power; straight upper cable

Included — Carrying case, cellphone/music patch cords, cord clips, two AA batteries, foam windscreen.



Tech Specs

General Battery power supply: 3V, two AA batteries
Weight: 14.6 oz. (including ear seals and mic boom)
Panel aircraft 8-40 VDC
Transducer: 40mm moving coil
Frequency response: 20 Hz-20 kHz Nominal impedance @ 1 kHz:
OFF—Mono: 200 ohms, ON—Mono: 280 ohms
OFF—Stereo: 400 ohms, ON—Stereo: 560 ohms
Transducer principle: Noise-canceling electret
Frequency response: 200 Hz-6000 Hz
Maximum SPL: 114 dB
Terminating impedance: 220-2200 ohms
Operating voltage: 8V-16V DC
Bluetooth Enabled Phone
Bluetooth Streaming Music

Pilot Stories

The Zulu is the company's best headset ever...Lightspeed has knocked the competition out of the park.
   — Ian J. Twombly, AOPA Pilot Associate Editor
The set [Zulu 3] takes on a new level of quality and durability...
   — Larry Anglisano, Editor in Chief, Aviation Consumer magazine
I have flown with my Zulu 3 for about 10 hours and I love it. It feels as if I have nothing on my head and the sound quality is very good.
   — Herbert Rosenthal, commercial pilot, CFI-IA ASEL
Zulu is amazing. I haven't found anything that's as quiet or nearly as comfortable. The audio quality is better than anything I've ever heard through any headset.
   — Kevin Eldredge, Race pilot
The Zulu is the most comfortable, quiet, durable headset I have ever worn. The Zulu even outdoes the Bose in noise cancellation as well as comfort. One of the best characteristics, at least for a helicopter pilot, is that it is durable. With the Bose headsets we were using, you would look at it wrong and it would stop working, while the Zulu will withstand normal wear and tear that you experience as an operator. Another great feature for us is the Bluetooth phone capability. This feature has allowed us to keep our dispatch informed of where we are and where we are going, without risking the safety of the flight. And for those long solo x-countries, the adapter for the iPod and Front Row Center make the flight much more enjoyable. I will never go back to the Bose headset.
   — Tyler Sturdevant, Director of Operations, Precision Helicopters
I recently had the opportunity to fly an 11 hour cross country adventure from Burlington, Kansas to Galveston, Texas with my son. He is a Lightspeed owner and convinced me to borrow a Zulu from a friend for the trip. I have been an owner of a competing brand for years and was reluctant at first. He told me I would not be disappointed. After using a Zulu for 11 hours over several days, I am a convert. The comfort alone of the Zulu made all the difference and the noise reduction and sound quality were unmatched. My old headset is now "green" with envy (if you get my point) as I plan to retire it for a Zulu!
   — Matt Sunseri, Pilot, Owner, Skyline Aviation
  Banner flying aircraft are loud. The engine has straight stacks, no cowling, no windows and no door. I average 4 to 8 hours a day, 7 days a week for 4 months during the Ocean City, Maryland season. Hearing protection is paramount. The Lightspeed Zulu does the trick.  
   — Justin von Linsowe, Banner airplane pilot
  As the wife of a pilot, I would like to express how impressed I am with the Zulu headset. Throughout the years, my husband and I have enjoyed flying to locations throughout the United States. Previous headsets would leave the sides of my head sore, and prevented a proper seal. Our recent purchase of Zulu headsets have been a wonderful experience in canceling out noise while allowing extreme comfort. I wished we had purchased these years ago. Thank you, Lightspeed!  
   — Tina Wilson-Cohen, pilot's wife

Find more about Zulu 3, including the user guide and FAQs on the Zulu 3 Education and Support page.



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